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Our 30ml car diffuser refills are the perfect option for a refill if you just can’t get enough of that one scent! Our refill jars will get you approximately 2.5-3 refills, depending on the size of your original car diffuser jar.

Car Diffuser Refill (30ml)

  • Before putting the refill liquid into your diffuser jar, we recommend giving the jar a good clean out with warm soapy water first, whether it is a new fragrance or the same one. 

    Once your jar has been cleaned and you're ready to fill it up again, please use caution when doing so as spills may cause damage to surfaces. 

    A handy tip for refilling - if you don't have a small funnel to use, we recommend using a skewer (or a small thin item) to hold against the lip of the refill bottle to give a direct stream of liquid into the diffuser jar. 

    If any spills occur while refilling your diffuser jar, wipe immediately. 

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